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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Ah hah! After a day of waiting to get home, I have finally been rewarded with the opportunity to create my blog!! I have been at my grandpa's for a week and this wait has been agonizing. This will indeed be an interesting experience. An online journal of sorts, eh? It is summer (well, middle of summer) aaaand... I have alot of free time on my hands. I have hunting for something to add to my little schedual. Somewhere to cry, chat, and throw temper tantrums. I can be a bag of hot air once I get going, so this will do quite nicely!
Hm. This layout needs to be customized to my liking for I am god of my blog!!! Hear me HTML! Do my bidding!! Muahahahaha!
As the first post of my blog, I feel it should have a little intro. My name is Kat, I play online games (mainly Ragnarok Online, but I have been eyeing World of Warcraft) and dabble in graphic design. I am 17 at the moment! But time is always flowing!! I love animals, I have many pets... 4 birds, 2 dogs, 1 frog and 4 cats who I love dearly. I have 2 friends named Iris and Krystal. I have known them since elementary school and early junior high respectively.
I absolutely LOVE anime. My current favorite is Naruto. It is a series about a boy ninja who, as a child had a demon sealed within him to save his village from total destruction. Now he is an outcast, for he is a constant reminder to the villagers of that dark day. So, in the beginning of the series, he is mischivious and immature. But when he is paired up with two classmates, Sakura and Sasuke, they are forced into peril as part of their training to be ninjas. They grow and mature throughout the series. My oh my. I am terrible at summaries. It is a fantastic series, although it seems to be in a bit of a slump at the moment because the manga it's based on is trying to gain so distance from the anime, so they have decided to do filler episodes for a few eeks. But the future looks quite bright! Currently, the manga (which I also read) is up to chapter 270! The anime has aired 146 episodes. Ahhh! Ok, enough about Naruto for now! Oh, but how I love it so!~
I also bead, read books and... I'm a flyer girl!! Yay! The pay is low but the fresh air is nice. Sometimes I work in my mother's daycare. But since she is my mother, things can get quite tense. So I tend to try to avoid that place.
Oooh boy! Even as I type my first post, excitment is building within me! Oh! I will be putting so many things on this little page to make sure it will be a place I can call home away from home!
But for now it if time to explore and tinker with the layout!

Kat posted at 10:04 p.m..


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