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Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Attack of The Wasps! Subway Rendered defenseless! Scissors Try To Save The Day!

K. So my father, sister and I went to Subway for lunch. The employees were obviously very VERY new to their job, they kept asking us what we wanted over and over again etc. Then I notice a wasp crawling all over my dad's yet to be filled bun. He seemed to be enjoying himself, you know, doing waspy things. Then the three girls working the tills freeze in their place eyes staring wide eyed at this happy little wasp like Godzilla had spawned! Then after the initial shock two of them cuddle together, and I swear to god they started trembling, and the wasp hadn't even take flight yet. The other less cowardly employee made a feeble attempt to shoo the little wasp. Now it took flight and havoc ensued. They started shrieking and taking cover under the counters. While the braver one of the three grabbed scissors, looked at them like she was holding excalibur and started trying to cut the wasp in two while it was flying through the air. Call me cynical, but I don't think this little subway employee had that kind of aim. She missed everytime, she seemed surprised. Finally after we grew tired of watching the three girls, my dad calmly walked over to the exit and opened it. The wasp, glad to be out of there I am sure, flew out and was never seen a again. Peace was restored to the Subway! Props to the scissors and my dad.
And.. that was the highlight of my day. Damn, I need a life! :D

Kat posted at 11:34 a.m..


At 10:14 a.m., Blogger Rory said...

I let a wasp finish off my pepsi the other day. Annoying buggers, but kind of cute when they're not flying around everywhere... unlike those worms with wings... They stop and you just know they could leap up and kill you at any moment...
Okay, I need to book another appointment with my psychiatrist.


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