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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Beadiful Truth...

I realize I didn't leave a nice post earlier. Kind of a crappy, brief, I-don't-Have-Time-For-You post. So! Here it is! We will play around in my favorite topic... BEADS! I have no idea what about beads fascinates me, but I can't get enough of them! I can browse a bead catalogue, website or isle for hours without getting bored. Beads are just full of potential! One moment they're just this packet, the next they're this beautiful piece of art! Maybe I am so attracted to them because I like to create things, I am the creative creator! When my dad gets back with his digital camera, I'll Post so pictures of projects I have done. I'm a novice beader, so they may not be impressive.
And now, for some links and site reviews!
This is a good catalogue, there are pictures provide, information about the bead shown, the quantity that come on a 16 inch strand and pricing. There are some pendants and beads here that I would like to buy. I would use them to make gifts for my friends.
I use these beads a lot. Their prices range greatly, from the cheapest seed beads I have ever found to the very expensive, but they are beautiful.
HUGE Catalogue. Nice selection, cheap prices.
This is the magazine I buy! The magazine include some very beautiful projects, and some advice about beading.
There we go, go look at what I like to look at! *feels old*
Interesting story... I was reading and article in Bead Unique in the "Bead Humor" section, called the "Cranky Crimper!" It's about a woman who, no matter what can't master crimping. She rants about her mishaps and then mentions something about soccer. That what bothered me. Oh God! Is that what I am becoming?! A soccer mom!? Am I going to pop out 12 kids and take them all to soccer practice in a mini van?? Whining about how violent anime warps my kids mind (don't get me started about what's really warping kid's minds, can anyone say: Neglect? Parent's spending too much time at work?? Cry for Attention??? I should know, neither of my parents were ever around and I'm pretty fucking miserable. You should see me, I have issues!). They RUINED Digimon! Will I be all uptight and... will I wear.. A.. designer sweater to fit in with the other soccer moms? *shudders*. Am I becoming something I hate? I'm 17, my life can't be over already can it? If you think I am crazy, I have had an urge to get married and get pregnant lately which I have to watch very closely... Maybe it's just because my period is due.
I hope it's just my period... Or maybe this is just another stereotype that I have cooked up in my mind, I seem to be full of them.

Kat posted at 11:37 p.m..


At 10:04 a.m., Blogger Rory said...

Uhm, wow Kat. Just. Wow. You? A SOCCER MOM? I think I laughed for 5 minutes straight. And as for the pregnancy thing, it's likely maternal horomones kicking in. Either that or you're slightly horny and need sex. Well, whatever it is, hope everything works out for you! Just keep beading and playing ragnarok... It's the best advice I can give.
Love always,


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