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Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Budgie's Words Recieved By Human Ears

I have finally picked out a name for my bird. I have had her for at least half a year and have never figured out a permanent name for her. She has been called Cloud, Ice, and wallpaper (my sister thought choosing random everyday household objects would be funny). But at long last, I have decided a final name. Spammer. All day and all night, she cheeps and tweets breaking any chance for silence. It can be compared to a perfectly empty mailbox suddenly being filled with flyers. The flyers mean a lot to the company who created them, just like a bird's calls would mean a lot to the bird. But when these types of things reach an ear or eye who doesn't have the means to harness their potential, they become meaningless spam.
This must be terribly lonely for Spammer. I used to try to used to force her to come out of her safe place, so that we could interact. But since the cats in my house always appear magically when I take her out, or she tends to ram herself into the window when she is free, I have given up trying to tame her. I did buy her bells and a cuttle bone, she seems to like them a lot. She pecks at them with her beak and climbs all over them while she spams. Maybe she has gone insane and those tweets and cheeps are her words of affection to these objects who never seem to reply...

Kat posted at 5:38 p.m..

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