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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Drunks, Love, and A Conquer Comparison

If you're curious what this picture is on the side... it's an oekaki I drew. That's my character on Ragnarok Online in chibi form. The joke was that since alchemists can make alcohol that we must get wasted a lot. So, I drew what would happen if I got wasted. The little bird that, in my moment of drunkenness I have fallen in love with, is a Homunculus. They're little creatures that an alchemist can create. There are only 4 species at the moment on kRO (Korean RO server) but they're adding more.
Wow. Someone came to me for... LOVE advice today. I was mildly surprised, I do admit I am no Romeo. It was a friend from my guild who had a crush on this girl and he wanted to write an email to tell her how he felt. I think an email is a little cowardly, but this guy is really shy! In the end, he seemed happy with our message we constructed, so I hope things go well for him.
Iris got me to install another online game today. It's called Conquer II, it was alright. It will pass time during that long 2 hr server maintenance on Tuesdays, but I don't think I will be playing it more than that. It's pretty primitive, you level, find and upgrade items and people are generally annoying. It's a combat game with chat options thrown in. Ragnarok Online is the same way, but it does offer more. Despite what some people say (eyes a certain reader), it is a game with lots to do. For one thing there's the people, no one ever complains that the community is short of character(neither did this certain reader). It's close knit. But you have to get up there. If you are active, bam, you're known. It's hard and it does take effort, but it makes the game much more fun when you have a rep, good or bad. War of Emperium. This is a very important aspect. If you don't participate in this activity, you generally miss out on a lot. It happens twice a week, for 2 hrs. It truly makes the game fun, and you prove yourself to others, because then you stick out. Now the point of WoE is to take castles and keep them yadda yadda yadda, that's the boring part. Defending can be a pain in the ass. The pvp aspect of all that is what makes it so great, you fight other people. Then once the castle is taken, the victorious guild is announced server wide, and you become known hence tying more and more to the reputation point I mentioned earlier.
In RO, the chat system is pretty basic, you have your emoticons, guild chat,party chat one on one chat with friends. But! You can scroll up! And see what a persona has said about 10 minutes ago. In conquer, you cannot scroll up in chat. So if you miss something, you're fucked. There's very little room to pay attention to a gripping tale that your guild is spinning, while you're dodging monsters that can seriously hurt you, without falling behind on your guildchat.
Conquer 2 leveling is slow and mindless, you don't really have a goal. From what I understand, it's get high level, start over and get more skills. And it did not seem like anyone even gave a damn who was good at the game or not. Not once did I hear Iris tell me who had good gears or was really powerful when we were in a city with lots of people. In RO you get highlevel so you can have an easier time leveling, you can party and interact with others, fight people in pvp, show off, dominate WoE, get to 99 and relax. Then after you hit 99, you get an aura to show off, after you get bored of that aura, you have the choice of being reborn into a rarer character. Sure, you start off at level 1 again, but you are distinguished. Your sprite is different, you do different things and you battle differently. Everyone knows rebirth characters, because they are an accomplishment in the RO world. And when you're playing RO, RO news and ongoings is important! The people who stick around are the ones that are immersed in the community, that know what;s going on. One way to do this is signup on these forums: It's where most of the "shit goes down".
Then there are quests. Nice, well thought out quests. They may seem basic, but actually, Gravity has been doing really well in making some very promising quests lately. Like the God Item quests. They give exp or items and the story line for each quest is quite decent. They even put private maps where only people who do the quests go to to carry out the rest of the quest's story line. No, you can't level there or anything, but that aspect of the quest was only previously available to Job Change quests only. I think that's pretty awesome. There are Four Seals(one quest for each seal) and once all four quests have been done by 50-100 people, the seals and released and one God Item can be made. Now that is a community at work, I truly love that. Sure, only one God Item can be made at a time, and only a guild leader can make it. But! It was the whole guild that worked together in WoE to attain that castle and attain those items required to make the item! (Community!)
I have no idea what quests are in Conquer, there are a few though.

Now, I'm sure people who read this are wondering why I wrote a little rant about such a childish topic. (Today children, I want you to write about what you like the most! Don't forget to put your name on your paper!) And I am certainly glad this isn't a real assignment... Reviewing and organizing that information is... not a task I am willing to handle at 4am. But I just wanted to prove that you cannot say that Conquer and RO are "are the same thing". No, no and more nos. Saying that a Battle game with poorly done chat feature, and Chat game with a battle feature in it are basically the same is... ridiculous. I play RO a lot, so my view is probably biased, since I want to defend something someone is trying to put down. I agree RO is not the greatest MMORPG but it is not the same as Conquer.
I am also curious to know exactly WHAT the best MMORPG is according to those opinionated enough put down RO. As far as I know, some people who critisize RO don't like World of Warcraft either. Maybe MMORPGs just aren't their thing. *shrugs*
My god it's ... early but I got a decent post done today. I am pleased... tired but pleased.

Kat posted at 4:05 a.m..


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