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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Mhmm.. the new layout will take a few days. But it should be well worth it! In the main time, I went to my Grandpa's house last week! He and his wife (not my Dad's biological mother), live on a farm! Grandpa built the house they live in by hand! It's such a lovely house.
It started with the Greyhound Bus in Edmonton...
My dad had wanted to take the 4runner but my mom needed it to drive to work. Then he suggested a rented car. My sister and I protested this, we had been looking forward to the bus all week. I wondered why he kept on trying to avoid the bus. It turns out my dad doesn't like buses because they're cramped, and he's a big, tall guy. But we were on the bus before we found that out. I don't know why he didn't just say that from the start. Ah well... Too late to turn back now!
We took the GreyHound to Llyodminster, arriving there at around 4:30pm. Grandapa and Grandma picked us up. When we got to Grandpa's it was dinner time. Usually they make everything from scrathc, but today We had weiners over an open fire! See!
In this picture, my grandpa is chopping up wood to feed the hungry fire!
Annnnnd here are the weiners! That's my feet and legs! My sister is the one grilling beside me offscreen.
I found out that my grandpa is part of the volunteer fire department, and part of his community's council! The day after we arrived, we got word from the council that there was going to be a fire practice! They were going to burn down an old house that a farmer wanted to get rid of. It was very very old the owner of the land said it was from the early 30's!
Here is my grandpa in his fireman's uniform talking with another fireman!

The roof! The roof! The roof is on fire! They kept the fire well contained for the whole night. Unfortunately, my camera's battery died shortly after the roof of the house collasped, so I did not get many more pictures that didn't resemble this one.
A random picture in a setting sun. From left to right that's my Grandpa, Me, and my Grandma. My sister is behimnd that camera.
My Grandpa's cat, he is an excellent mouser! When I was painting my grandpa's farm equipment, the cat left 2 and a half mice beside me...
These swallows... are SO cute. They're just babies and their parents are seen gracefully diving and swooping through the air all day to feed these hungry younsters. They're doing a good job too, look how fat they are. I think there are 5 total in the nest. I would constantly try to get close to the nest to see the babies more closely, and the mother would become very apprehensive. So she would start swooping at me! It always scared me off! They're just adorable! They look like they will be flying soon.
We baked a lot! These are the beginning of some German Rhubard cupcakes! They're delscious! Almost tastes like carrot cake!
My army of cookies! They were bite sized and deliscious! The recipe said we would get 4 dozen, but it seemed we got a hell of a lot more than that. There are other trays full of cookies offscreen. These cookies were so soft and deliscious.
My sister made cinnamon rolls! They were very good!
She also made sugar cookies! There were more, byut I ate a lot of them. :P
I made two german chocolate cakes. Then added a German topping! It is not shown here. They are cooling in the picture.
The Rhubarb Cupcakes are done!! Now add chocolate and caramel sauce and Bon appetite!

We had a great time. I spent a lot of my time outside looking for Garter snakes and observing the local wildlife. But my sister spent a lot of her time tanning until her paranoia of blackflies, which by the way are as big as the period ---> . <--- overcame her and forced her to wear longsleeves and pants for the rest of her time there. It irritated me endlessly how she went on and on about her crush Trent, some idiot from Nexopia she doesn't even know, and worried about if she was getting tanned or not. She also spent alot of her time straightening her hair. Anyways! We left on Tuesday night after supper and took half of what we baked home with us. It is good to be home, but I hope we go back really soon!

Kat posted at 12:24 p.m..


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