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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Reality Bites. Get Over It.

Today, I learned that Iris is planning to head to Carlton University in Ottawa when she graduates if she gets good grades. What am I saying? If. If is bullshit. I know she'll get good grades, my friends aren't idiots. The way she dumped the news wasn't sudden. I had just returned from being afk and she asked me if I missed her. I jokingly said no, then told her I would miss her if she moved far far away. There was silence and then she asked me if I would get over it.
"No, never" I said.
This was followed by some silence, then she told me she would be going to Ottawa. It's amazing how easily a mood can be changed. First, I was chatting away, screwing around, being sarcastic, heading to Clock Tower Underground 4 to level my alchemist ingame. Then news like that is broken to me, and I don't feel like chatting, tell her I'm going afk and shutdown RO so I can sit around the house, wrestling conflicting emotions and praying supper will be ready soon.
"Hm. You should have known this was coming!" Says one, almost desperate sounding voice in my head, "Iris likes English related things. She'll come back right?? She wouldn't leave forever would she??"
"How could she do this!?" Hisses another. "Moving all the way to the other side of the fucking country! What kind of dumbass doesn't put a journalism course in an Albertan university!"
"Whatever's best for her, you shouldn't stand in her way. You don't have a right to, she's not doing anything wrong. Encourage her and be a good friend. Reality bites, you'll have to let some things go. Get over it." Pipes another voice. The passive voice... I hate the passive one. It's always the one that speaks the thing closest to the truth. It's never angry. It just simply states things, and repeats them over and over when I ignore it.
Iris will be great at Journalism. You look at her blog and you know she would go all the way. She could probably get very famous very quickly, have a good life and even travel. It's not my right to stop a friend who's doing something totally right for her. I won't show despair or get angry when we discuss it. I'll just stand behind her and encourage. Like I should. Like a good friend should.
Like Ms. Passive says, "Reality bites, you'll have to let some things go. Get over it."
It is the one I will listen to, but it won't stop me from wallowing in self pity.
On another note... My dad came home, his luguage was lost. All his new clothes he had bought when he went shopping with us are all gone. Reality bites.
Supper is ready, I am going to go eat.

Kat posted at 9:04 p.m..


At 11:15 p.m., Blogger Rory said...

I'm sorry Kat, I really am, I didn't mean to just spit that out like that. It's just a thought, a lot of people are against this decision, mainly, my parents. I honestly don't know what I'll be doing next year. Or the year after that. Or 10 years from now. This scares me. I'm just trying to excersize every option I can. I have vasts interests and am only trying to figure out certain occupations I'd love to be doing for the rest of my life - Lord knows which choice I will pursue. I just pray that if there is a God, he'll be with me and guide me. Moreover, what's important isn't having me around you all the time. "Life isn't measured by how many breaths you take, but how many moments take your breath away." We care for one another... Christ, we've been best friends since grade 6. We're always going to keep in touch, and maybe it won't be the same - But we'll pull through it. If someone really wants something, it's possible of happening. Give this 10 months. Everything might change by then, I'll hopefully know what I want to do... Ottawa is a scary concept for me, too. Alone, I'll have to get a job to make ends meet financially, not to mention prices of a dorm room and the university itself. I only know that I know nothing. We'll talk about this later on, maybe when I know more than you do.
Sorry again for the shock,

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