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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Today was a good day,
I feel very at peace today. My father left for Kansas this morning. There was something reassuring about his leave and the way he left. He seemed reluctant. Could our family be coming back together again? It would seem so, maybe it's just false security.
My dad is a bush pilot, he currently flies for a Geophysics company. Until 2 weeks ago, he had been in Africa for 6 months. We want him to quit his job, and take something that is less damaging to our family's structure. I often wonder if it's too late for that. My mother has had many online relationships, and my dad has had a mistress everywhere he works. I know that when he first got hired by this current company, he had met another woman. I found their love messages on the cell phone my dad handed down to me. But, that was a while ago. I have given up on keeping track of both my parent's relationships. It keeps me up at night, and troubles me deeply. I'd rather not care anymore, since no one else seems to.
Our dadless day started with the flyer route. It only took us 45 minutes to do two routes. We are getting better at it at last. I cannot wait to get paid, I would like to buy some manga with this paycheck. I haven't done that for a few months. I know I am behind on my bleach.
I finally got the courage to dig under my nail with a needle to see what was making my small cut green. It was puss, the injury had gotten infected. I squeezed out all the puss, and my finger feels better already. I am very relieved to find out it was only a little infection!
My sister wants me to help her streak her hair, but I am afraid to do it. I have never streaked hair before, I probably never will. She prizes her hair, and I don't want to be held responsible for whatever goes wrong. I'm trying to get her to ask mom or ne of her friends to help her, but she seems determined. We have fought three times today. *sigh*
Ragnarok Online occupied the rest of my day. We did karaoke on ventrilo. Our leader sang the Pokemon and Sailormoon theme song! It was hilarious. We have quite the talented bunch. I discovered a new song through our little karaoke night too. It is called Collide by Howie Day. I like it a lot. I played on my priestess for the day and met 3 people (Vince Jadefrost, Dart/Divine Heaven and Dalamar) I hadn't seen in 6 months! It surprised me that Vince remembered my priestess. Resurrection and Deity had shared a ventrillo server at one point and that's where we had met. It made me very happy that people remembered me, I had felt alone on RO the past few days. It was my fault though, I have been busy in real life.
Tomorrow I go out for a night on the Town with Iris!

Kat posted at 11:30 p.m..

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