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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

WoooH! What a fabulous day, today I did absolutely nothing!
Wow... I DID do absolutely nothing... Oh oh! Kayla had friends over today! She always invites friends over on flyer days expecting to get out of doing it. I always end up doing them alone, so last time she invited friends over on a flyer day I raised hell. So needless to say, mom pulled strings to make sure she did them with us. If I can plan meetings with my friends on days we don't do flyers, there's no reason Kayla can't. Argh. That just irritates me, Kayla can be very inconsiderate at times... but so can I.
Iris made a trial account on RO today, I tanked her to acolyte. Usually I wouldn't enjoy playijng my FS priest but it was great to play with Iris on RO again! I can't wait to revive that account!
Unfortunately, I have not gotten paid by my mom. She said we would get paid on Monday, and then she said that she would the next day and so forth... My sister and I quit the daycare because we think mom is an unreliable employer. I wonder if she tells her other employees that she will pay them this day and then tell them she'll pay them the next. It's the same with the Nintendo DS she said she would get me for my birthday half a year ago! I haven't all out fought with her over any of this.. If I voice my concerns she will just retort with her only threat "if you don't like it, you can move out!"
Thus... I remain silent for the time being. It's not all that bad, my parents don't expect too much from me. It's not like they whip me if I don't do chores (though they do get angry), and they don't harass me when I am on the computer too much. I'm expected to just get an education, and stay out of my mother's way. Sure, that kind of thing can get lonely when dad's not here, but I've gotten used to it. I should keep a log of how many words I exchange with my mom each day. I can garantee it's under 20.
My dad is coming home tomorrow! I hope he keeps his promise of taking us back to Saskachewan! My dad is in Kansas taking a flight safety course... he gets paid $200+ a day to go there...$200+ per day!!! He's getting paid to go to school!!! What the hell is that!?

Kat posted at 11:26 p.m..


At 8:22 a.m., Blogger Rory said...

Thanks for tanking my super weak character. I had fun, although I know tanking isn't all that much fun for the tank. If you think about it, it's kind of like reality - You would take the hit for me if needed, even if I was the only one benifiting from this, and vice versa. That's one aspect that makes a good friendship, no?
Moreover, I hope you enjoy your time in .... Saskatchewan.... Because I'm sure that it's a VERY riviting place... You could... walk endlessly across the hilless plains... Learn the names of various wheat... And hey, you never know! Maybe you'll find the set of Corner Gas in Dog River!
I'm just teasing you =) Hope you have a blast, you'll have to tell your faithfull readers how it all went.


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