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Friday, August 05, 2005

Wow. Just wow. It is so incredibly hot today, and there are flyers to do as well.
Speaking of which, I asked a friend of mom's to deliver my flyers for me while I was in Saskachewan. Now I am getting complaints from the people on the route because the lazy asshole dumped them (threw them out). Seriously, that makes me extremely angry, I can get fired for that. The money I get from my flyers supports my beading hobby and pays for my Ragnarok account.
Buuuuut... Today my dad admitted to me that I could be a slacker sometimes... so I asked mom if I could start working on Monday. I was working for her before but it kinda went of course when my sister started working for her too. I didn't feel needed, so I stopped coming. *sigh*
I hate kids, but hell, whatever gets my parents of my back. My sister always hassles me for not working a lot anymore either. She's always bragging about how much many she earns at the Daycare. Truth be told, mom never paid me the money I had earned there. Ah well. Come Monday it will be hard to ignore my incessant nagging.
I have this tiny cut underneath my nail that my cat gave me 3 days ago. It hurts like crazy, and it's starting to turn green. I hope that's not a bad thing... It's too tiny to kill me dammit!
I finished a book yesterday called The Sight by David Clement-Davies. It's about a cursed family of wolves in Transylvania who try to flee a prophecy. It was a really good read, brought me to tears a few times.
I'll be reading Sam's Last Cage by Poulson next. I'm going to add my reading list to my new layout. Oooh! And a tag board!
Ugh. Time to go do flyers, my dad isn't feeling well and he drives us to where we need to go. We suggested doing them later when it cooled outside but my mother is a control freak. And it's her way or the highway.
Yeeeeeessss mother, whatever you say. *rolls eyes*

Kat posted at 6:07 p.m..


At 7:57 p.m., Anonymous Rory said...

Your mom is crazy. I just thought I would mention this. Then again, so is my mom. I think we should unite into a club. Crazy Parents Anonymous, we'll be presidents with a huge entourage. Moreover, I'm liking the blog idea! It's about time you got a blog, sheesh. You've been meaning to do this for months. By the way, your layouts are the greatest, so you better not disappoint me! See you monday Kitkat!
-Your best bud,

At 8:00 p.m., Blogger Kat said...

Weeeeee! Yush! Monday will be fun... What the hell are we going to do? Ah well, spontaneousness is a great thing!

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