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Monday, October 17, 2005

Nightschool. My Solace.

I seem to have a problem. I have missed one and a half weeks of school and now they have removed me from my classes. I have to tell my parents, but I have troubles talking to them. This may push them over the edge. I don't think I have been permanently removed but.. I am so behind in school , I might as well be. I was fine until that English class. I started skipping after the day that Ms. Nesdoly banished me to the back of the class... It made me feel like an outcast. I didn't want to be in that class anymore, I could not go up in front of all those people and present to them. They would be either very bored and uninterested in what I would have to say, or they would be staring at me. Either thought makes me sick to my stomach. I tremble and stutter, sweat and nearly cry when I am in front of an audience or any large amount of people. I'm just not the social type, which explains why I can get so lonely sometimes. Daytime school is frightening, crowded, smothering and depressing. I feel open and vulnerable in a regular school, it causes me to feel very sick at times. I would ome home all the time, deep in depression, constantly on the verge of ending it all. I have found something that I find agreeable though: Night School. There's no crowded halls, crowded buses, classrooms are small, and they don't care why I'm there; they just want to learn. That is what I like; no random chatter, no cliques... we're just there to learn and go home. Oh! The trips home are always wonderful! It is usually very dark outside and the LRT that heads to University always comes first. So, although I am heading to Clairview I take the LRT to University station (It turns around and goes to Clairview afterwards anyways). To reach University, the LRT must go across a bridge that stretches over the North Saskatchewan River. I love crossing this bridge! In the daytime, I get a short glimpse of the river valley in all it's glory, and at night I get to see the city lights! Both are gorgeous views, I recommend them to anyone who needs a moment to get away from life.
I have made another blog to seperate my real life from RO. I call it: In Search of Solace. Enjoy!

Kat posted at 2:30 p.m..


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